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This code has been moved to and will now be worked on from the GitHub repo.

The point of this Project is to get community members to develop a TFS API that does exactly what the API provided by Microsoft does just in a simple to use way. We foresee 3 ideal ways to use this project :

  1. Use the binaries provided to easily get started with interacting with TFS form within your own applications
  2. Reference the code in this API to tweak your existing code
  3. Reference the code in this API to add functionality to apps with further custom API code that isn’t used in our code (In these cases feel free to use the user voice site to suggest changes to the project).

The API will expose bits and pieces of the underlining API with Basic implementations that use as many defaults as possible and more complex implementations that will let developers configure all the same options that they would be able to configure when using the raw API, they just won't have to worry about learning the underlining API =).

The aim/goal of this project is to get developers to add "user stories" or requests to the User Voice site and then an active member of the project would give feedback on the request.

We will aim to release an update to the API at least once a month.

If you would like to contribute to this project please complete the contact page on the page http://31og/.

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